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Diagnose & Fix Your PC!

Registry Scan

Registry Scan - Identifies registry issues and repairs them

Tuneup Pro scans your PC registry and finds harmful entries, errors and problems that cause windows crashes and poor performance of your PC. It repairs and cleans the detected issues for a smoother system experience.

Windows Registry is a database that contains information required to run Windows properly. Registry creates an entry of each installed program but usually does not remove the entry when you uninstall the program and no longer required it. Over time and after many installations and un-installations if the unneeded and invalid entries are not removed, these entries accumulate and clutter the registry. This may cause various PC problems such as slow down, instability, crashes and frequent error messages.

Tuneup Pro’s advanced scan engine finds, repairs and removes invalid and obsolete entries, helping your PC run smooth and error free.

Registry Defrag

Registry Defrag - Defrags registry to optimize PC performance

When you clean invalid registry entries, free space are fragmented. Registry fragmentation adversely affects application startup time and PC response time. Tuneup Pro defrags registry and removes structural defects from registry, improving system response time.

Complete Backup and Undo functionality

Complete Backup and Undo functionality - Very safe to use

Tuneup Pro’s registry cleaning and optimization is absolutely safe. It automatically backs up your registry before cleaning as a precaution and you can always revert back to previous system state.

In built Scheduler

In built Scheduler - For your convenience

Tuneup Pro comes with a built in scheduler for launching registry scan automatically. No manual intervention needed, you can schedule weekly scans and keep your PC clean and error free.

Easy to use, user friendly interface

Easy to use, user friendly interface - Enhances your PC speed with ease

Tuneup Pro helps enhance your PC speed with ease. You can clean, repair and optimize window registry with a few simple clicks.


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